The Experience we provide

Because we’ve been doing wedding over the last decade we are very experienced and getting everything that you need.  There really isn’t a scenario we really haven’t com across yet.

We do provide a variety of packages that can meet the budget or the party.  We obviously can provide the wine since this will be on our vineyard.  Also the catering, clean up, chairs, flowers, napkins etc….The list can go on, but it is always better to sit down and talk about your wedding and what we can do.

We also can do many decorations for you as well.  From as simple as putting flowers on the table to doing ice sculptures and having tree removal in Kansas City done to fit the landscape of your eye.  A beautifully trim tree adds to the ambience of the entire setting.

Or choose from one of our delicate ice sculptures that you can choose which is best for you.  It will look good, but because we work with chisel and chainsaw it will be imperfectly perfect.  Your guest will love it and if you want you can put it small groove to pour your drink down the ice.  Put your cup underneath and you will have a chilled drink.

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And We are back!

Joy, Joy , Joy.  This is the REV back in the house.  We specialize in wedding ceremonies.  Over the years we have done many wedding.  From sizes of over 500 to as little as 50.   We enjoy the process of marriage and bringing two people in love that will last for eternity.  We do all sorts marriage arrangements.

  1. We can do it at any church of your choosing.  Within in our area
  2. We do in a the middle of a corn field if that is what you wish.

Basically if you dream it we will fulfill your request.


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